Preserve Your Site’s Timeless Beauty with Expert Historic Painters!

  • Preserve the historical architecture and character
  • Superb craftsmanship
  • Attention to detail and adherence to Secretary of Interior’s standards
  • Historic consulting and review

Your historic location is an architectural treasure, enhancing your neighborhood and street with its timeless artistry. Because you take such pride in maintaining your home’s authenticity, finding a historic home painting contractor with expertise in painting and restoring older structures is essential.

J. Ross Painting, is as passionate as you are about preserving your property. In addition to superb craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can rely on us to provide exceptional service at every stage of your project.


Our Historic Services Features 

  • Understanding of The Secretary of Interior Standards, Brief 28 and the Tennessee Historical Commission
  • Fair, accurate estimates
  • Safe handling of lead paint – J. Ross is Lead Certified.
  • Courteous treatment of your home and belongings
  • Convenient payment options including financing
  • Work backed by a two-year limited warranty


What Can We Do For Your Historic Home?

Exterior Painting and Restoration:

Before painting, our professionals prepare your home’s aging exterior carefully to protect its health and appearance. This includes scraping, sanding, and chemically peeling old paint; power washing; caulking gaps and cracks; and replacing deteriorated wood shingles, clapboards, shutters, and other features. We are also experienced in preparing and repainting surfaces coated with lead-based products. Do you need carpentry renovations to provide a flawless foundation for your paint? We’re happy to accommodate.

Interior Painting and Restoration:

Interior painting for antique buildings often means painting or papering over plaster, which cracks as the building settles and results in moisture stains. J. Ross Painting remedies these problems by filling and sanding cracks and applying bacteria-resistant primer over discolored areas. Do you need carpentry renovations to provide a flawless foundation for your paint? We’re happy to accommodate.


Other Services:

Re-glazing wood-framed windows: Let us preserve the functionality, appearance, and efficiency of your home’s older windows by re-glazing their panes.

Wallpapering: We have extensive experience removing a variety of wallcoverings, including those made with natural fibers such as silk and cotton.

Wood refinishing and restoration: J. Ross Painting can restore your timeworn siding, wood panels, moldings, baseboards, and trim to their original glory.

Chemical stripping: Through chemical stripping, we can remove paint that has built up on your home to reveal previously lost period details.

Choose Your Historic Home Paint Colors: We offer brochures from leading paint manufacturers specializing in color palettes for historic homes and properties.